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Zupeng Wang - SCBG
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Zupeng Wang

South China Botanical Garden • Guangzhou • China

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Genome edition
  • De novo sequencing analysis
  • Metagenomic sequencing analysis
  • Chinese
Programming languages
  • Perl

Fields of interest

Genome edition
Examines and evaluates sequencing reads from clustered regularly interspaced…
Identifies, quantifies and visualizes genuine genome editing events form CRIPR…
Assists users in predicting the off-target activities of CRISPR/Cas9 in…
De novo sequencing analysis
Studies dated genetic data allowing the determination of evolutionary rates and…
Estimates the ancestries and leverages them for their association with…
Identifies, classifies and annotates transposable elements (TEs) of non-model…
Metagenomic sequencing analysis
Predicts functions of no-knowledge proteins, particularly for those in the…
Classifies protein sequence and identifies remote protein homology via…
Designs probe sets for whole genome capture of highly diverse target sequences…