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Sebastià Franch - Researcher • Doctorate/PhD
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Sebastià Franch

Researcher • Doctorate/PhD

Consorci Institut D'Investigacions Biomediques August Pi I Sunyer • Barcelona, Spain

After my biochemistry degree, I shared my passion for computers, informatics and basic research. Therefore, I decided to enrol in the CIBERehd bioinformatics platform during my master degree, under Dr. J.J. Lozano supervision. I learned and improved…

Skills and expertise

Omics and technologies

  • Copy number alteration databases

Software tools and databases

  • CNVkit
  • Control-FREEC
  • DNAcopy
  • ExomeDepth
  • GATK
  • SAMtools
  • VarScan

Maths and IT

  • Bioinformatics
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Databases

Life Science

  • Biochemistry

Health Science

  • Translational Research

General Skills

  • Communication
  • Data curation
  • Public speaking
  • Scientific writing
  • Technical writing
  • Training

Programming languages

  • Python
  • R

Tools maintained



CNApp / Copy Number Alteration Application

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Performs integrative analysis of copy number alterations (CNAs). CNApp is a web tool that allows assessment of CNAs and identification of relevant functional implications. This software uses…