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li zexu

Northeastern University • Shenyang • China

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Genome edition
  • De novo sequencing analysis
  • RNA-seq analysis
  • Chinese
Programming languages
  • Python
  • R

Fields of interest

Genome edition
Assesses deep-sequencing data from clustered regularly interspaced short…
Predicts model for single guide RNA (sgRNA) on-target knockout efficacy and…
Constructs optimal gRNAs for the CRISPR-Cpf1 system. CRISPR-DT can take into…
De novo sequencing analysis
Extracts a target genome for one or more genes of interest using a closely…
Provides a method for inferring transmission events. BadTrIP models evolution…
Rectifies errors in long-read sequences. FMLRC employs the FM-index to…
RNA-seq analysis
Assists users in investigating cancer metabolism when data on metabolic…
Maps ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS)-induced mutations in forward genetic screens…
Integrates multi-omics profiles for phenotype prediction. iOmicsPASS utilizes…