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nio hkr

Sao Paulo State University • São Paulo • Brazil

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • De novo sequencing analysis
  • RNA-seq analysis
  • Protein interaction analysis
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Fields of interest

De novo sequencing analysis
Reconstructs individual haplotypes from next generation sequencing (NGS) data.…
Allows users to provide simulations about evolution of bacterial genomes in…
Predicts promoter in intergenic regions of bacterial genomes. G4PromFinder…
RNA-seq analysis
Provides a method for phylogenetic reconstruction SAMedian calculates the…
Provides a quick navigation into any set of scores associated to the…
Integrates multi-omics profiles for phenotype prediction. iOmicsPASS utilizes…
Protein interaction analysis
Performs computation of distance precision matrix and regularized distance…
Generates and analyzes executable models from single-cell gene expression data.…
Provides a logic-based framework to reconstruct signaling networks by using…