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University System of Taiwan • National Tsing Hua University • Hsinchu • Taiwan

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • WES analysis
  • aCGH data analysis
  • Protein interaction analysis
  • Chinese

Fields of interest

WES analysis
Forecasts disease candidate genes. The approach is composed of a learning and a…
Provides a predictor that combines the deleteriousness index of the artificial…
Allows to rank, filter and explore cancer genomics data (genes, cell lines and…
aCGH data analysis
Enables spatial mapping of RNA-seq transcript data onto high resolution tissue…
Consists of a Bayesian, unsupervised, integrative clustering model for…
Finds cancer subtypes. Scluster is based on an adaptive sparse reduced-rank…
Protein interaction analysis
Predicts potential microbe-disease associations using a graph-regularized…
Serves for network motif discovery. FSM is a scalable algorithm that consists…
Assesses protein-protein interactions (PPIs). maxent-ppi combines an…