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University of Vienna • Vienna • Austria

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • WGS analysis
  • Metagenomic sequencing analysis
  • NMR-based proteomics analysis
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
Programming languages
  • Python
  • R

Reviews and Discussions


antiSMASH 2018-01-26, 09:52:25
Fast, accurate, versatile, quite precise! Best platform for BGCs prediction.
IMNGS 2018-01-26, 09:51:09
Really goo platform! It offers something nothing else offer. It screens all SRA for presence of your sequence of interest. Results are really good and reliable. I would have only liked it to be…


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Fields of interest

WGS analysis
Identifies copy number variants (CNVs) within targeted next generation…
Displays interactive mining of complex neuroimaging genomics data. Genome…
Allows copy number variation (CNV) detection. iCNV can be applied in whole…
Metagenomic sequencing analysis
Annotates and filtrates variant files. VarAFT allows the comparison of several…
Enhances sequencing depth in low coverage areas with CIGAR string correction.…
Discovers, delineates and structures metagenomic species pangenomes (MSPs) from…
NMR-based proteomics analysis
Automates the elimination of noise peaks. Filt Robot employs convolutional…
Assists users to perform spectra analysis. Dumpling comprises the following…
Performs general ensemble-based validation step and a simple and…