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Tianjin Medical University General Hospital • Tianjin • China

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • WES analysis
  • RNA-seq analysis
  • Gene expression array analysis
  • Chinese

Fields of interest

WES analysis
Identifies genotypic loci and covariates with effects on phenotypic variance.…
Provides an alignment-free single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping…
Forecasts disease candidate genes. The approach is composed of a learning and a…
RNA-seq analysis
Identifies possible linkages between protein-coding portions derived from a…
Enables transcriptome reconstruction from RNA-seq reads. IsoTree is a de novo…
An artificial neural networks (ANN) framework to predict patient prognosis from…
Gene expression array analysis
Models data to maintain realistic patterns of variation and correlation. FANGS…
Serves for processing Infinium DNA methylation data. SeSAMe consists of light…
Discovers low-rank biclusters within a large data-matrix. This method can be…