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Describes experimental protocols in biology. Bioblocks circumvents the programming bottleneck and allows users easier access to automation. The protocol workflow is an annotated and dynamic visualization, where the nodes and edges represent the containers and the action performed over the containers respectively. Bioblocks is a step towards allowing the biologists to automate and codify their experiments in a simple manner, enabling to them to connect to multiple automation solutions.
Standardizes and automates biology protocols. Biocoder expresses realistic molecular protocols in logical terms without undue dependence on the execution platform. In addition to being suitable for automation, BioCoder converts the code into a readable, english-language description for use by biologists. The goal of BioCoder changes the way that scientific protocols are communicated. Scientists could then download the code and easily replicate the experiment, either via automatic execution or translation to human-readable steps.
WLA / Wet Lab Accelerator
Democratizes the design, visualization, control, and distribution of standardized, automatable biological laboratory protocols. Each step in a protocol is accompanied by a visualization of the containers and operations involved. WLA has been designed to easily integrate with future cloud laboratories using Autoprotocol. This tool reduces the high barrier-to-entry for biologists and establishes a foundation to speed adoption of cloud labs while facilitating automated protocol sharing and collaboration.
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