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Provides a variety of interfaces and graphical visualizations to facilitate the viewing and analysis of allosteric sites in the benchmarking sets, including structural and pharmacophoric properties. ASBench allows for browsing the sets and provides a search filter for flexible query. A full (or query) list of allosteric sites in the benchmarking sets integrated within a panel is displayed by clicking from the homepage of entries. Then, checking the selected site in the panel opens a new browser window with a detailed view of the representative allosteric complex containing the site. In addition, other complex structures containing the same site and different allosteric sites within the same protein are hyperlinked under “Related Structures”. Finally, all data in the benchmarking sets can be downloaded using the "Download" link, while the statistical results of datasets are diagramed and displayed in "Statistics" page.

AlloSigMA / Allosteric SIGnaling and Mutation Analysis

Allows users to analyze allosteric signaling in proteins. AlloSigMA is a web platform supplying an estimate of the allosteric free energy thanks to a structure-based statistical mechanical model. The program can be used for investigating various proteins including small monomeric structures or even large protein complexes. Besides, it also can be employed for searching latent regulatory exosites or analyzing of clinical high-throughput data on mutations.