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A hand-curated structural database dedicated to protein-protein interactions with known orthosteric modulators. 2P2Idb includes all interactions for which both the protein-protein and protein-ligand complexes have been structurally characterized. A web server provides links to related sites of interest, binding affinity data, pre-calculated structural information about protein-protein interfaces and 3D interactive views through java applets. 2P2Idb represents a structural source of information for scientists from academic institutions or pharmaceutical industries.

iPPI-DB / inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interaction Database

Contains the structure, some physicochemical characteristics, the pharmacological data and the profile of the PPI targets of several hundreds modulators of protein-protein interactions. iPPI-DB is accessible through a web application and can be queried according to two general approaches: using physicochemical/pharmacological criteria; or by chemical similarity to a user-defined structure input. In both cases the results are displayed as a sortable and exportable datasheet with links to external databases such as Uniprot, PubMed. Furthermore each compound in the table has a link to an individual ID card that contains its physicochemical and pharmacological profile derived from iPPI-DB data. This includes information about its binding data, ligand and lipophilic efficiencies, location in the PPI chemical space, and importantly similarity with known drugs, and links to external databases like PubChem, and ChEMBL.