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NPIDB / Nucleic Acids—Protein Interaction DataBase

Provides an access to information about all available structures of DNA–protein and RNA–protein complexes. The NPIDB database contains comparative structural information on some SCOP families. It also includes a collection of files in PDB format containing structural information on DNA–protein and RNA–protein complexes extracted from PDB, and a number of online tools for analysis of the complexes. All structural files of NPIDB are downloadable.

RAIN / RNA-protein Association and Interaction Networks

A database of ncRNA–RNA and ncRNA–protein interactions and its integration with the STRING database of protein–protein interactions (PPI). RAIN uses an integrative scoring scheme to assign a confidence score to each interaction. It outperforms the underlying microRNA-target predictions in inferring ncRNA interactions. Users can use interactive and accessible STRING network visualizations. The database facilitates the understanding of complex molecular networks through the integration of ncRNA interactions and protein–protein association networks.

AANT / Amino Acid-Nucleotide Interaction Database

Deconstructs the structures of all known protein-nucleic acid interactions into sets of amino acid nucleotide interactions. AANT is a comprehensive amino acid nucleotide interaction database developed to determine the extent and breadth of amino acid-nucleotide interactions, in intelligently categorizing such interactions, and eventually in using preferred appositions in the design of altered or novel protein-nucleic acid interactions.