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psiDR / Pseudogene Decoration resource
Contains genomic information relating to each pseudogene in a consistent manner. psiDR provides a variety of activity information for all the surveyed pseudogenes. It can supply potential targets for further experimental follow-up. It allows users to classify pseudogenes with various attributes, and permits identifying expressed pseudogenes. This database is useful to better understand the regulatory role of pseudogenes, especially in cancer and other developmental processes.
HOPPSIGEN / HOmologous Processed PseudoGENes
Provides information about processed pseudogenes location, potential function, base composition and gene structure in human and mouse. HOPPSIGEN is a nucleic acid database that can be useful in comparative and functional genomics. The database allows users to extract complete retroelement sequences or only part of them (5’-FL, CDE, 3’-FL, direct repeats, polyadenylation tracks) as well as processed pseudogenes of different GC-content or similarity percent. HOPPSIGEN also provides alignments and phylogenetic trees.
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