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MRMPROBS / Multiple Reaction Monitoring-based PROBabilistic System
Allows metabolome analysis of large-scale multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays. MRMPROBS is a universal program for targeted metabolomics using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM)- or selected reaction monitoring (SRM), as well as SCAN and data independent tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) acquisition (DIA) data. The software was developed for metabolomics but can also be applied to lipidomics and proteomics studies.
An R package that allows the selection of the optimal set of fragments and retention time windows for target analytes in GC-SIM-MS based analysis. SIMAT provides guidance in choosing fragments for a list of targets. This is accomplished through an optimization algorithm that has the capability to select the most appropriate fragments from overlapping chromatographic peaks based on a pre-specified library of background analytes. The tool also allows visualization of the total ion chromatograms (TIC) of runs and extracted ion chromatograms (EIC) of analytes of interest. Moreover, retention index (RI) calibration can be performed and raw GC-SIM-MS data can be imported in netCDF or NIST mass spectral library (MSL) formats.
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