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RDML / real-time PCR data markup language
Simplifies comparison between results from Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCRs) and preserves information necessary to reproduce the runs. RDML contains several types of functions such as: (1) transformation data to various formats of the R environment; (2) generation human readable run summaries; (3) creation RDML files from user data; (4) importation RDML data; and (5) extraction sample information (e.g., targets, concentration).
Allows to visualize, edit and validate RDML files and thus clarifies the use of RDML elements. RDML-Ninja is an editor for qPCR data. It serves as reference implementation for RDML and enables migration between RDML versions independent of the instrument software. Authors can upload their RDML files and reference them in publications by the unique identifier provided by RDMLdb. All the information is entered only once and stored in a basic RDML file. Researchers don’t have to re-enter this information with every qPCR run, but can instead import from this RDML file only the parts they need for the current qPCR run.
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