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ACLAME / A CLAssification of Mobile genetic Elements

Collects and classifies mobile genetic elements (MGEs) including phases and plasmids from various sources. ACLAME provides a platform for analyzing MGE diversity from a global scale down to specific groups of MGEs and tools for the detection of new MGEs integrated in bacterial genomes. The BLAST search interface allows for a simple querying of the ACLAME sequences, returning information such as for each hit sequence, the functional annotation, the MGE, host(s) and protein families it belongs to.

RAC / Repository of Antibiotic resistance Cassettes

An online knowledge base for microbiologists studying antibiotic resistance. RAC provides an archive of gene cassettes that includes alternative gene names from multiple nomenclature systems and allows the community to contribute new cassettes. It also provides convenient access to the Attacca automatic annotation engine that allows users to easily and accurately annotate cassette arrays in bacterial DNA sequences. Researchers using RAC can also contribute new gene cassettes to the knowledge base, obtain a unique and consistent name and share their sequences with other researchers.

ACID / Annotation of Cassette and Integron Data

A database containing all publicly available sequence information regarding integron integrase genes and non-coding cassette-associated attC recombination sites. ACID is a community resource providing easy access to annotations of integrons and making tools available to detect them in novel sequence data. ACID also hosts a forum to prompt integron-related discussion, which can hopefully lead to a more universal definition of this genetic element.