ACADEMIC RESEARCHER - Pharmaceutical or healthcare professionals

Stay at the forefront of your research field

Maximize your research with the omicX platform by tracking the latest technological developments and hidden correlations in life science fields. Our in silico and biomarker discovery mapping is ideal for validating drug discovery theories and our technology watches identify the best tools for designing conclusive experiments.

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How researchers use omicX

Capitalize on in silico drug or biomarker discovery and validation

Accelerate your research or validate your findings by identifying existing in silico drug or biomarker discoveries in your specific field.

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Boost your efficiency by designing conclusive experiments

Identify the appropriate instruments, kits or tools for designing web labs and computational protocols in a few clicks so you can focus on what you do best – ie making breakthroughs.

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Pinpoint new tools and methodologies

Keep track in real-time of emerging applications, approaches and technology.

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Make the most of our dataset library to sharpen your research focus

Use our tailored in-house ontologies to untangle the mass of data and find just what you need.

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Identify leading research strategies

See who is doing what and how, with which products or product combinations, to help you design your experiments or validate your drug discovery theories.

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