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READ DB / RNA Binding Protein Expression and Disease Dynamics database
A non-redundant, curated database of human RNA binding proteins (RBPs). RBPs curated from different experimental studies are reported with their annotation, tissue-wide RNA and protein expression levels, evolutionary conservation, disease associations, protein-protein interactions, microRNA predictions, their known RNA recognition sequence motifs as well as predicted binding targets and associated functional themes, providing a one stop portal for understanding the expression, evolutionary trajectories and disease dynamics of RBPs in the context of post-transcriptional regulatory networks.
Provides access to information on all RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) from the model organism E. coli. EcRBPome is a database that gathers RBPs identified in all complete E. coli proteomes and cross-referenced to other protein annotation resources. The data can be used to select target gene products for detailed characterization and to serve as starting points for identifying sequence homologues in other microbial proteomes. The database can thus be useful for understanding RBP-mediated regulation in various other lesser studied species.
Provides access to known human RNA-binding proteins (RBPs). hRBPome presents the human RBP gene names for the individual studies, cross-referenced to UniProt, RefSeq, Ensembl and EMBL databases. The data is organized in a tabular format and the records of the tables can be searched and/or sorted. The database content resolves differences arising out of the nature of tools and techniques used or that of the data presented, in the various existing studies for the identification of human RBPs.
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