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G4LDB / G-quadruplex ligands database
A comprehensive and well-organized database of G-quadruplex ligands. G-quadruplexes are guanine-rich nucleic acid sequences in human telomeres and gene promoter regions. G4LDB currently contains >800 G-quadruplex ligands with 4000 activity records. It offers a user friendly interface that can meet a variety of data inquiries from researchers. For example, ligands can be searched for by name, molecular properties, structures, ligand activities and so on.
NALDB / Nucleic Acid Ligand Database
A database that provides detailed information about the experimental data of small molecules that were reported to target several types of nucleic acid structures. NALDB is the first ligand database that contains ligand information for all type of nucleic acid. NALDB contains more than 3500 ligand entries with detailed pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic information such as target name, target sequence, ligand 2D/3D structure, SMILES, molecular formula, molecular weight, net-formal charge, AlogP, number of rings, number of hydrogen bond donor and acceptor, potential energy along with their Ki, Kd, IC50 values.
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