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RNAMDB / RNA Modification Database
Provides a comprehensive listing of post-transcriptionally modified nucleosides from RNA. RNAMDB employs an easy-to-use, searchable interface for obtaining detailed data on the 109 currently known RNA modifications. Each entry provides the chemical structure, common name and symbol, elemental composition and mass, CA registry numbers and index name, phylogenetic source, type of RNA species in which it is found, and references to the first reported structure determination and synthesis. RNAMDB serves as a primary information portal for researchers across the entire spectrum of RNA-related research.
Searches, visualizes and interprets circadian genes and multiple transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory. CirGRDB offers a user-friendly web interface that provides bench researchers substantial convenience to explore the underlying regulatory mechanism for oscillating genes and disease-related circadian RNAs. This online resource offers a useful repository for deciphering the regulation of circadian rhythms and provides valuable insights into novel therapies for circadian-related disorders of humans.
Collects functional variants and aimed at providing potential help for revealing the functional roles of m6A variants. m6Avar permits users to search or browse (i) m6A-associated genetic mutations (dbSNP), (ii) m6A-associated cancer somatic mutations (TCGA), (iii) disease related m6A-associated variants (GWAS and ClinVar), (iv) splicing sites affected by m6A-associated variants, (v) RNA binding protein affected by m6A-associated variants and (vi) miRNA targeting and processing affected by m6A-associated variants.
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