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FASTR3D / Fast and Accurate Search Tool for RNA 3D Structures
A web-based search tool that allows the user to fast and accurately search the PDB database for structurally similar RNAs. Currently, FASTR3D allows the user to input three types of queries: (i) a PDB code of an RNA tertiary structure (default), optionally with specified residue range, (ii) an RNA secondary structure, optionally with primary sequence, in the dot-bracket notation and (iii) an RNA primary sequence in the FASTA format.
A dataset of RNA tertiary (3D) structures and substructures plus a web-based search tool-designed to exploit graph representations of RNAs for the goal of searching for similar 3D structural fragments. The objects in RAG-3D consist of 3D structures translated into 3D graphs, cataloged based on the connectivity between their secondary structure elements. Each graph is additionally described in terms of its subgraph building blocks. The RAG-3D search tool then compares a query RNA 3D structure to those in the database to obtain structurally similar structures and substructures. This comparison reveals conserved 3D RNA features and thus may suggest functional connections. The user provides a file in a PDB format or a PDB ID, and receives as output a list of structures or substructures found in our 3D-RAG database with lowest RMSD value with the query structure or substructure. The function of the matching structure is provided and gives a good indicator of the possible function of the query RNA.
A BLAST-like search tool that allows the user to quickly and accurately search against the PDB for RNA structures sharing similar substructures with a specified query RNA structure. The basic idea behind R3D-BLAST is that all the RNA 3D structures deposited in the PDB are first encoded as 1D structural sequences using a structural alphabet of 23 distinct nucleotide conformations, and BLAST is then applied to these 1D structural sequences to search for those RNA substructures whose 1D structural sequences are similar to that of the query RNA substructure.
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