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RNAi DataBase RNAiDB


Contains a compendium of publicly available data and provides information on experimental methods and phenotypic results, including raw data in the form of images and streaming time‐lapse movies. Phenotypic summaries together with graphical displays of RNAi to gene mappings allow quick intuitive comparison of results from different RNAi assays and visualization of the gene product(s) potentially inhibited by each RNAi experiment based on multiple sequence analysis methods. RNAiDB can be searched using combinatorial queries and using the novel tool PhenoBlast, which ranks genes according to their overall phenotypic similarity. RNAiDB could serve as a model database for distributing and navigating in vivo functional information from large‐scale systematic phenotypic analyses in different organisms.

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RNAiDB classification

  • Animals
    • Caenorhabditis elegans

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  • Kristin C. Gunsalus <>


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Center for Comparative Functional Genomics, Department of Biology, New York University; New York, NY, USA

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