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RSML / Root System Markup Language

Facilitates the sharing of root architectures between software, experiments, and research groups. RSML defines an XML file in which the topological, geometrical, and numerical information describing a root system is stored. It contains functions that enable users to describe quantitative information as a function of the longitudinal position along the root axis. The format will encourage the creation of common analysis pipelines for root architecture information, enabling better data sharing between root researchers.


Allows to model 3D architectural plant model. OpenSimRoot is based on interaction of minimodels, which encapsulate the simulation of a single state variable. It can represent the stele diameter, thickness of the cortex, the degree of cortical senescence, the degree of root cortical aerenchyma formation, and the length, diameter and density of root hairs. The tool can be exploited as an extension to physical phenotyping platforms for data interpretation, and trait-function exploration.