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RQSA / Robust Quantitative Scratch Assay

A software tool for analysis of monolayer wound healing assays. This Robust Quantitative Scratch Assay algorithm introduced statistical outputs where migration rates are estimated, cellular behaviour is distinguished and outliers are identified among groups of unique experimental conditions. Furthermore, the RQSA decreased measurement errors and increased accuracy in the wound boundary at comparable processing times compared to previously developed method (TScratch).

CellMissy / Cell Migration Invasion Storage System

A cross-platform data management system for cell migration/invasion data that simplifies and fully automates data management, storage and analysis, from experimental set-up to data visualization and exploration. CellMissy is a client-server application with a graphical user interface on the client, and a relational database in the back-end to store the data. The client application is composed of three modules that cover the different functions of CellMissy: the Experiment Manager, the Data Loader and the Data Analyzer. On top of these modules, CellMissy provides tools for import/export of full experiments and templates.

TLA / Time Lapse Analyser

A free, cross-platform, open source software for high throughput time-lapse data processing for live cell imaging. TLA is a graphical tool which enables easy access to high-throughput live cell imaging for every user, regardless of the individual expertise. Beginners can easily process stacks of time-lapse data by loading an appropriate image processing setup and time-lapse evaluation setup. Advanced users can modify existing setups, or create new setups which suit their need and special experimental conditions.