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A database of microbial polyketide and non-ribosomal peptide gene clusters. ClusterMine360 takes advantage of crowd-sourcing by allowing members of the community to make contributions while automation is used to help achieve high data consistency and quality. The database currently has >200 gene clusters from >185 compound families. It also features a unique sequence repository containing >10 000 polyketide synthase/non-ribosomal peptide synthetase domains. The sequences are filterable and downloadable as individual or multiple sequence FASTA files.
Represents a bioinformatics resource concerning deciphering chemical structures of ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptides (RiPPs) through genome mining. The RiPPMiner supplies information regarding modification system, leader and core sequence, cross-links and gene cluster, precursor sequence and modified residues. This tool also contains a web app function allowing the distinction of RiPP precursors from other small proteins and the classification of precursors into 12 sub-classes of RiPPs. It can spot correct cross-link pattern in a core peptide into a large number of combinatorial possibilities.
IMG-ABC / Integrated Microbial Genomes-Atlas of Biosynthetic gene Clusters
Offers experimentally verified and predicted biosynthetic gene clusters (BCs). IMG-ABC database contains more than 730000 BCs in 40034 isolate microbial genomes and more than 310000 BCs in 2416 metagenomes. BCs are predicted and annotated across all microbial isolate genomes and a set of metagenomes using a combination of Clusterfinder and antiSMASH. A set of experimentally verified BCs and their associated secondary metabolites are collected from the NCBI and imported into the database. IMG-ABC includes additional tools which enable fast exploration and analysis of BCs. These tools and features add to the value of IMG-ABC's vast body of BC data, facilitating their in-depth analysis and accelerating secondary metabolite discovery.
A2MDB / Aspergillus Secondary Metabolite Database
Gathers on Aspergillus genus and especially on its secondary metabolites and their biological interactions. A2MDB provides information about data related to Aspergillus ITS sequences, metabolites and their targets and electron microscopic images. Searching can be made by either specifying a search string or by choosing different optional filters. The database includes about 800 unique secondary metabolites with chemical, biological information and with reliable literature evidence, 250 microscopic images of fungi Aspergillus spp and about 40 secondary metabolic pathways.
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