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Allows easy, real-time, direct manipulation of protein structures. Foldit gives access to the extensive power of Rosetta computations. It provides added functionality to Rosetta like electron density and contact map visualizations or rigid body transformation controls. The software allows to construct template-based modelling thank to multiple sequence alignment tools integrated in. In addition, Foldit provides an accessible graphical structure manipulation interface coupled to the powerful Rosetta energy function and sampling methods.
Aims to compute high-quality alignments of a set of orthologous promoter regions from different vertebrate species. Phylo is a citizen computing framework for local improvement of multiple sequence alignment. As in any alignment, the goal of this scientific game is to move the blocks in order to find a configuration that maximizes conservation across columns while minimizing the number of gaps. The game also displays a phylogenetic tree for the set of sequences considered, with each species being represented by an avatar.
Aims to catalog gene-disease associations that are well-established in the literature but not yet reflected in structured annotation databases. Dizeez is a multiple-choice quiz where the player is presented with a disease drawn from the Human Disease Ontology and a multiple-choice selector with five genes, only one of which has prior evidence linking it to the Clue disease. The results from Dizeez provides evidence that online games can be used to help address the growing challenge of structured gene annotation.
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