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Provides a comprehensive platform to gather detailed information of experimentally verified and Greed AUC Stepwise (GAS)-predicted genes in spermatogenesis. SpermatogenesisOnline integrates the detailed information for 1666 genes that have been reported to be involved in spermatogenesis and 762 genes predicted by our GAS model (GAS probability >0.5) to participate in spermatogenesis. SpermatogenesisOnline 1.0 will help researchers to obtain a comprehensive understanding of complex biological mechanisms of spermatogenesis.


Establishes a catalog of the signs and symptoms of endometriosis as experienced by users, people with endometriosis. Phendo provides opportunities to reflect upon the collected data and may help users in managing their disease. Users can track their experience of endometriosis in Phendo at their convenience, track more or fewer signs, symptoms, comorbid conditions, and self-management information, or stop tracking at any time. Phendo is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.