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SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS - Bioinformaticians, informaticians or developers

Track your tool’s performance

Single out your tool’s strengths and ensure your developments are in line with user requirements.

How software developers use omicX

Convince customers that your tool is the best

We track free and paid tool citations to help you promote and market usage of your tool.
Convince customers - omicX

Identify new prospects

Target new users by identifying needs, existing tools, tool combinations, and much, much more.
Identify new prospects - omicX

Benchmark your competitors

Identify and understand what your competitors are doing, which tools and tool combinations are used per application and their performance.
Benchmark competitors - omicX

Forge new partnerships

Identify, assess and nurture new partnership opportunities with institutions or other tool developers.
Forge partnerships - omicX

Prioritize development activities

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Optimize existing tools to meet new needs or emerging trends.
Prioritize development activities - omicX

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