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Funky Cells
Delivers software packages to facilitate the analysis of Big Data within the field of biology, more specifically immunology. Funky Cells includes several tools for Microsoft Excel including data mining tools for highly multi parametric flow cytometry data (boolean data miner), easy control of pivot tables, heat maps, scatter plots, function tracker, data harmonisation and many other. A special part of the software package is dedicated to the analysis of flow cytometry data based on boolean combination gate analysis. This part includes an analytical platform for cellular polyfunctionality analysis, including the polyfunctionality index algorithm
Enables automated, datadriven gating of high-dimensional flow cytometry (FCM) data sets. OpenCyto is a collection of well-integrated open-source R/BioConductor packages: ncdfFlow, flowCore, flowViz, flowWorkspace, and openCyto. The software aims to meet the challenges of ease of use, interpretability, scalability, collaboration, comparative analysis, reproducibility and robustness, while allowing analysts to integrate domain-specific knowledge into the analysis pipeline. It supports importing gates from external software.
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A flow cytometry data analysis software.. FlowJo contains a list of loaded samples (experimental data), statistics, gates, and other analyses, as well as tabular and graphical layouts. FlowJo provides features and tools for the creation of histogram and other plot overlays, cell cycle analysis, calcium flux analysis, proliferation analysis, quantitation, cluster identification and backgating display.
Assists in the reading, processing, analysis, and visualization of data from 96-well plates, specifically data from the different COPAS platforms. COPASutils can read, summarize, and clean data to present graphical and adaptable visualizations of both summary and distribution statistics. It employs a support vector machine (SVM) to probabilistically determine if an object recorded by the COPAS software is an undesirable bubble or a true object to be measured. This tool is able to reduce the number of false objects analyzed.
A data management system for flow cytometry data analysis. flowCore allows to handle flow cytometry high content screening data and encourages open development of tools for their coherent analysis. A key component of this package is having suitable data structures that support the application of similar operations to a collection of samples or a clinical cohort. Flowcore constitutes a shared and extensible research platform that enables collaboration between bioinformaticians, statisticians, biologists and clinicians.
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