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VIBE / Visual Integration for Bayesian Evaluation
Allows user to easily determine the class for which each dataset holds the most power. VIBE is a visualisation software that permits to investigate different combinations of the datasets in an automated fashion. It also helps to integrate data from various high-throughput proteomics and metabolomics technologies using a Bayesian approach to integration that uses posterior probabilities to assign class memberships to samples using individual and multiple data sources.
Vivaldi / VIsualization and VALidation Display
A web-based service for the analysis, visualization and validation of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) structures in the Protein Data Bank. Vivaldi provides access to model coordinates and several types of experimental NMR data using interactive visualization tools, augmented with structural annotations and model-validation information. A user-friendly interface, including a 3D viewer, tightly coupled with charts and tables, enables both experts and non-experts in NMR structure determination to analyze NMR ensembles and to assess their quality. The service presents information about the modeled NMR ensemble, validation of experimental chemical shifts, residual dipolar couplings, distance and dihedral angle constraints, as well as validation scores based on empirical knowledge and databases.
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