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LIPID MAPS / LIPID Metabolites And Pathways Strategy
Organizes lipids into eight well-defined categories that cover eukaryotic and prokaryotic sources. LIPID MAPS filters data in functional hierarchies involving lipids, reactions, and pathways. It is a multi-institutional effort created in 2003 and uses a systems biology approach and sophisticated mass spectrometers (MS), all of the major — and many minor — lipid species in mammalian cells. The database quantitates the changes in species in response to perturbation.
A knowledge resource for lipids and their biology. SwissLipids provides curated knowledge of lipid structures and metabolism which is used to generate an in silico library of feasible lipid structures. These are arranged in a hierarchical classification that links mass spectrometry analytical outputs to all possible lipid structures, metabolic reactions, and enzymes. SwissLipids provides a reference namespace for lipidomic data publication, data exploration and hypothesis generation.
Cyberlipid Center
Collects, studies and diffuses information on all aspects of lipidology. Cyberlipid Center provides information about lipid and sources and composition of fats and oils. It includes lipid description, technique of analysis and information about lipid peroxidation. The database also stores recently published technical improvements and provides a chronological history of lipid science. It aims to establish contacts between students, teachers, scientists and technicians.
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