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Structure SNP StSNP

Provides practical, user friendly access to the wealth of information related to nsSNPs by seamlessly connecting various databases into one pipeline. Key functional and structural information along with known pathways the proteins are involved in, have all been linked together to provide users some advantages when compared to other current resources: (a) the sequence, structure and pathway information have all been cross-referenced, which enables a user to quickly query and visualize the inter-related nsSNP data; (b) a graphical display of the nsSNPs provides a user with the location of the nsSNP(s) in terms of primary sequence, and whether such nsSNP(s) can be modeled; (c) the modeling options provide the user with a choice of which nsSNP to map and visualize which nsSNPs could potentially have deleterious effects on a protein's function; (d) the modeled protein structures are automatically loaded in Friend, where they can be easily viewed, compared and analyzed; (e) finally, StSNP will be updated on a regular basis following the updates on the major sources, dbSNP, PDB, KEGG and others.

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StSNP classification

  • Animals
    • Homo sapiens

StSNP specifications

Web user interface
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StSNP distribution

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  • Valentin Ilyin <>


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Department of Biology, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA

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