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Surface plasmon resonance data analysis software tools | Protein interactions

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is a powerful method for obtaining detailed molecular interaction parameters. Modern instrumentation with its increased throughput has enabled routine screening by SPR in hit-to-lead and lead optimization programs, and SPR has become a mainstream drug discovery technology. However, the processing and reporting of SPR data in drug discovery are typically performed manually, which is both time-consuming and tedious.

Source text:
(Dahl., 2017) Unified Software Solution for Efficient SPR Data Analysis in Drug Research. SLAS Discov.

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SPRTool / Surface Plasmon Resonance Tool
Analyzes surface plasmon resonance analysis data. SPRTool permits users to examine large data sets in an automated fashion. Users can also import their own code. This method can perform standard analyses such as determination of equilibrium and kinetic constants. It also includes (i) the capability to compensate for the decrease in the sensitivity of the chip for equilibrium analysis and (ii) a method to determine kinetic constants using a non-iterative algorithm.
Genedata Screener
A software tool designed for fast and efficient analysis of compound combination experiments. Dedicated calculation methods together with visualization methods such as heat maps and isobolograms enable assessment of combination effects, and the inherent automation, standardization, and flexibility of Genedata Screener provide excellent performance and streamlined workflows. Interactive calculation and visualization configuration combined with robust fitting produce better results in shorter time.
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