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Recent success in the study of synergistic combinations, such as the use of CHK1 inhibitors in combination with several DNA damaging agents (Rawlinson and Massey, 2014) or of the PARP inhibitor olaparib in combination with the PI3K inhibitor BKM120 (Ibrahim et al., 2012), have generated significant interest in the systematic screening of compound pairs to identify synergistic pairs for combination therapy.

(Rawlinson and Massey, 2014) gammaH2AX and Chk1 phosphorylation as predictive pharmacodynamic biomarkers of Chk1 inhibitor-chemotherapy combination treatments. BMC Cancer.
(Ibrahim et al., 2012) PI3K inhibition impairs BRCA1/2 expression and sensitizes BRCA-proficient triple-negative breast cancer to PARP inhibition. Cancer Discov.

Source text:
(Bansal et al., 2014) A community computational challenge to predict the activity of pairs of compounds. Nat Biotechnol.

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