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An integrated web-based system to provide appropriate linker candidates for constructing fusion proteins. SynLinker consists of 2150 natural linker sequences derived from PDB database and about 110 empirical linkers from public domain. Multiple query interface allows users to search for the desired linker candidates based on selection criteria and their preferences. In addition, a selected linker can be combined with two domain structures which are uploaded and appended at its N and C terminals, thereby predicting a de novo structure of the fusion protein. Hence, SynLinker can serve as a systematic tool for researchers who are interested in designing synthetic fusion proteins.
Generates a set of linker sequences that are known to adopt extended conformations as determined by X-ray crystallography and NMR. The only required input to the program is the desired linker sequence length. LINKER is specifically designed to assist in fusion protein construction. A number of optional input parameters have been incorporated so that users are able to enhance sequence selection based on specific applications. The program output simply contains a set of sequences with a specified length.
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