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IMGT / international ImMunoGeneTics information system

A high-quality integrated knowledge resource specialized in the immunoglobulins or antibodies, T cell receptors, major histocompatibility complex, of human and other vertebrate species, and related proteins of the immune systems of any species. IMGT comprises 7 databases, 17 online tools and 15 000 pages of web resources, and provides a high-quality and integrated system for analysis of the genomic and expressed IG and TR repertoire of the adaptive immune responses, including NGS high-throughput data.


Provides T cell receptor (TCR) sequences associated with various pathologies and antigens. McPAS-TCR aims to assemble information on pathology-related TCR sequences by extracting information from published literature. It offers more than 5 100 sequences of TCRs related with various pathologic conditions and the antigens associated with everyone. The database is manually curated and is consultable by T cell type, tissue, epitope, source organism, major histocompatibility complex (MHC) restriction, assay type and other criteria.