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Revolutionary cognitive analytics

Our aim is to provide powerful resources and insights for identifying opportunities, accelerating research, validating approaches and driving drug discovery

At the heart of the omicX platform is a cognitive analytics engine that deciphers and interprets life science data in real-time to deliver smart meta-insights.

omicX has learned how to untangle the mass of unstructured and multi-format content published in scientific papers every day. We aggregate and decipher this collective intelligence retrieved from disparate data sources using public and proprietary ontologies together with machine teaching and learning tools to generate meaningful insights.

Our platform stands out from the crowd as it focuses not just on indexing resources, but also on retrieving the reasoning used by scientists to reach their conclusions. We firmly believe that the best way to harness and exploit big biodata to achieve breakthroughs is by analyzing collective intelligence.

This ability to contextualize information by resource or combination of resources and generate smart meta-insights help shorten decision-making and accelerate go-to-market strategies.

omicX vs Google Maps 1 omicX vs Google Maps 2

Just like Google Maps, we analyze data, mapping the pathways used by life science practitioners in their published works to identify the best and most efficient route to scientific breakthrough.