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A program to analyse protein thermal denaturation data obtained by multi-well differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF). Experimental repetition schemes on multi-well plates can be defined using an ASCII file or through a graphical user interface (GUI). The raw or pre-processed protein denaturation data are read by DMAN, and results of replica wells are averaged with the mean melting temperature and the estimate of standard deviation being calculated. Based on a z-test, outliers are automatically excluded. The results are annotated to highlight wells that show a significant difference in melting temperature from a reference well, as well as the level of significance determined by a t-test.

Protein Thermal Shift Software

It was developed for analysis of protein melt fluorescent readings directly from Applied Biosystems real-time PCR instrument files. Different proteins will have different PTS profiles, each with a unique melt curve shape, slope, signal-to-noise ratio, and temperature melt range. The Protein Thermal Shift Software generates one or multiple Tm values from these curves by the following two methods: Boltzmann-derived Tm and the Derivative curve determined Tm.