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Unipro UGENE

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Assists molecular biologists without much expertise in bioinformatics to manage, analyze and visualize their data. unipro UGENE supports multiple biological data formats and allows the retrieval of data from remote data sources. It integrates widely used bioinformatics tools within a common user interface. The tool includes a visual environment for creating reusable workflows that can be launched on local resources or in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment.

ODS / Online Diagnostic System

Analyses the Sanger sequencing data and provides an easy-to-use one-step solution for genetic testing data analysis. ODS seamlessly integrates base calling, single nucleotide variation (SNV) identification, and SNV annotation into one single platform. It also allows laboratorians to manually inspect the quality of the identified SNVs in the final report. ODS can significantly reduce the data analysis time therefore allows Sanger sequencing-based genetic testing to be finished in a timely manner.

CLC Main Workbench

Allows DNA, RNA, and protein sequence data analysis. CLC Main Workbench is a comprehensive workbench. A primer design functionality offers graphical interaction during the primer selection process. The software also allows to show the annotations of the individual sequences in a multiple sequence alignment, offers graphically advanced in silico cloning and design of vectors, BLAST searches on protein and DNA sequences, and other feature such as Assembly, Phylogeny, Workflow, Molecular structure visualization and development of plug-ins.

SeqMan Pro

Provides Sanger data sequence assembly and analysis. SeqMan Pro is an application that provides next-generation visualizations and analysis of projects. It helps to discover variants, analyzes coverage, and annotates users’ consensus. These projects can then be exported to GenVision for graphical data of the publishing quality assembly. It can also be used for Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) calling and quality-based sequence end trimming. This application is a part of Lasergene Molecular Biology Suite.


Allows to view and edit chromatograms (traces) from automated Sanger sequencers. Chromas contains format conversion options and batch processing functions to handle many files at once. The software provides several features, such as automatic removal of low-quality sequence or vector sequences when quality data is available, reversing and complementing the sequence and chromatogram, searching for subsequences by exact matching or optimal alignment and displaying translations in 3 frames along with the sequence.