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P2RP / Predicted Prokaryotic Regulatory Proteins
Enables users to identify and annotate transcription factors (TFs) and two-component system (TCS) proteins within their sequences of interest. Users can input amino acid or genomic DNA sequences, and predicted proteins therein are scanned for the possession of DNA-binding domains and/or TCS domains. RPs identified in this manner are categorised into families, unambiguously annotated, and a detailed description of their features generated, using an integrated software pipeline. P2RP results can then be outputted in user-specified formats.
Identifies transcription factors (TFs), predicts their structural superclass, and detects their DNA-binding domains given a protein sequence of interest. TFpredict is implemented in a Java application which was designed as an upstream tool for SABINE, and provides all structural characteristics required by the SABINE algorithm for the prediction of TF binding specificities. It provides complementary and accurate methods for the identification, structural annotation and DNA motif prediction of TFs.
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