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A framework for studying fragments that arise from mitochondrial and nuclear mature transfer RNAs (tRNAs). MINTbase is an easy-to-use resource for accessing information on tRNA fragments (tRFs) and interactively studying them from diverse vantage points using one or more of the five available vistas. Each vista provides distinct functionalities and its output is interconnected to some of the other four vistas, which in turn enables exploration of the active results from multiple angles at any time. The output pages provide filtering and sorting capabilities thereby permitting an interactive study and further filtering of the active results by the user. For example, the user can easily group the results to investigate possible connections to a type of tRF, a specific source tRNA, number of instances in tRNA space, etc. Additionally, several output pages also include links to external databases (e.g. the UCSC Genome Browser, PubMed, etc.) aimed at providing the user with other easily accessible information.
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