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TopFIND / Terminus Oriented Protein Function Inferred Database
Provides a central, user-friendly knowledgebase that integrates data on protein termini, their modifications and information on underlying proteolytic processes extracted from existing valuable resources and make this combined information accessible to a broad audience. TopFIND is designed as non-redundant, protein centric database. Each protein is represented by its genomic encoded polypeptide sequence and further detailed by general annotation such as alternative protein names, protein function and role in disease and by sequence-specific annotation as isoforms, domains and sequence variants. In addition to these commonly assembled protein characteristics TopFIND catalogs detailed information on protein chains, termini, modifications of the terminal amino acid and proteolytic processes.
An automated computational method for quantifying the number of each post-translational modification reported experimentally and non-experimentally in the Swiss-Prot Knowledgebase. PTMCurator will automatically load the new PTM IDs, curate them, and quantify and even categorize by organism this information every month as the Swiss-Prot Knowledgebase is updated. PTMCurator was created with the intention of being used at-large as a continuously updated resource for use by the academic community.
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