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An initiative that aims to promote the creation of an online information storage and search platform for glycomics and glycobiology research. The knowledgebase will offer a freely accessible and information-rich resource supported by querying interfaces, annotation technologies and the adoption of common standards to integrate structural, experimental and functional data. The UniCarbKB framework endeavors to support the growth of glycobioinformatics and the dissemination of knowledge through the provision of an open and unified portal to encourage the sharing of data.
GGDB / GlycoGene Database
Stores information on substrate specificity. GGDB provides necessary information for the analysis of glycogenes. In GGDB, the following property information of each glycogene are stored in XML format: gene names (gene symbols), enzyme names, DNA sequences, tissue distribution (gene expression), substrate specificities, homologous genes, EC numbers, and external links to various databases. It graphically shows the information such as substrate specificities, etc.
GlycoPOD / GlycoScience Protocol Online Database
Aims to fill the gaps between the beginners and experts by delivering the accumulated knowledge and skills of the experts to the beginners through internet communication under the catch-phrase of "Follow the flow chart and you will get the goal directly". As an on-line protocol, GlycoPOD has a unique architecture. In addition to the "Protocols (main text)", which consist of "introduction", "protocol" and "references", you can find "Q&As" and "rating" pages.
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