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FunSimMat / Functional Similarity Matrix
A comprehensive resource of semantic and functional similarity values. FunSimMat allows ranking disease candidate proteins for OMIM diseases and searching for functional similarity values for proteins (extracted from UniProt), and protein families (Pfam, SMART). FunSimMat provides several different semantic and functional similarity measures for each protein pair using the Gene Ontology annotation from UniProtKB and the Gene Ontology Annotation project at EBI (GOA).
A comprehensive collection of carefully curated and classified residue- or segment-level data on the folding and/or stability proteins that have been previously investigated by solvent exchange-based measurements. Start2Fold entries contain (i) information on the proteins investigated and the underlying experimental procedures and (ii) the classification of the residues based on their exchange protection levels, also allowing for the instant visualization of the relevant residue groups on the 3D structures of the corresponding proteins. By providing a clear hierarchical framework for the easy sharing, comparison and (re-)interpretation of HDX data, Start2Fold intends to promote a better understanding of how the protein sequence encodes folding and structure as well as the development of new computational methods predicting protein folding and stability. The database is open to submissions; we encourage users to submit their folding and stability data using the template XML provided on the welcome page of the website.
SCRIPT-MAP / Spectrometry response CuRve of entIre Peptide-Transition ions in MAmmalian Proteome
Provides a database to facilitate mass spectrometry (MS1) and tandem mass spectrometry (MS2) based quantification. SCRIPT-MAP collects quantification scores for precursor and fragment ions and enables the exploration of MS response curves. This repository gathers more than 2 million of transitions from 120000 peptides, representing up to 11000 gene products in serial dilution experiment set.
FPbase / Fluorescent Protein database
Deals with fluorescent proteins. FPbase consists of a repository presenting a table compiling information related to the totality of the records that can be filtered according several parameters, an interactive chart allowing users to screen targeted attributes from specific proteins and the ability to create customized library of proteins. Searches can be made by name for a simple search or through advanced items including sequence or oligomerization combined with operators.
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