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Provides experimental data on in vitro selected DNA/RNA oligomers (aptamers) and the applets for recognition of these oligomers. SELEX_DB stores selected affinity-enriched sequences from different combinatorial libraries. The database is supplemented by two databases, SYSTEM and CROSS_TEST, storing both the experimental systems and their cross-validation tests. It includes reference to the literature source with SELEX_BIB database and SELEX_TOOLS, the recognition applet package.


Aims to collect all ribozyme and aptamer sequences and their detailed and correct annotation. RiboaptDB provides users with a web interface with flexibility to select either ribozyme or aptamer sequences and to browse the corresponding information. It allows online sequence submission to the database. This repository can be useful for identifying available aptamers and artificial ribozymes, for acquiring information about in vitro selection experiment, and for better understanding the distribution of functional nucleic acids in the given sequence space.