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BGREAT / de Bruijn Graph REAd mapping Tool

Enables to map reads on branching paths of the de Bruijn graph (DBG). BGREAT is designed for mapping reads on branching paths of a compacted (DBG), using reasonable resources both in terms of time and memory. Our approach follows the usual “seed and extend” paradigm. More generally, the proposed implementation applies heuristic schemes, both regarding the indexing and the alignment phases. The availability of BGREAT opens the door to its application to fundamental tasks such as read error correction, read compression, variant quantification, or haplotype reconstruction.


Provides continuous, objective and reproducible evaluation of genome assemblers using docker containers. nucleotid.es compares how different genome assemblers perform against a variety of test sequence data. Multiple different benchmarks show the average performance of each assembler. Every genome assembler is examined as a self-contained Docker application. These containers eliminate the common problem in bioinformatics where the software won't compile or requires multiple additional dependencies. Furthermore, users can pull an assembler from the docker repository and start using it immediately and developers are encouraged to send their assembler to be included in the benchmarks.