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FAST-AIMS / Fully Automated Software Tool for Artificial Intelligence in Mass Spectrometry
Allows automated predictive analysis of mass spectrometry data. FAST-AIMS offers a sequence of analysis in aid of developing protocol standardization for proteomic data analysis. The software can (a) generate a classification model by optimizing the parameters of analysis algorithms to ensure its optimal performance; (b) obtain an unbiased estimate of the future classification performance of the optimized model; (c) generate a model and estimate classification performance in tandem; and (d) apply an existing model to a new set of samples.
CancerUBM / Cancer Urine BioMarkers
Detects urine peptide biomarkers, which can discriminate healthy controls from the oncological samples. CancerUBM employs the urine mass spectrometric data to proceed. It can be used to validate biomarkers for a variety of diseases and physiological changes. This tool includes models devoted to the analysis and prediction of oncological status from proteomics data. It provides three options to make its prediction: Mass-CE Spectra, Peptide Sequence and Protein Expression.
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