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Designs peptide-based vaccine adjuvants. VaxinPAD is a web app that incorporates different modules to: (i) predict immunomodulatory peptides or A-cell epitopes (Antigen presenting Cell epitopes), (ii) generate all possible analog/mutants of a given peptide (all possible single mutations) and predicting their respective immunomodulatory potential, and (iii) predict potential protein-based adjuvants. It also allows users to perform virtual screening of peptide libraries to identify A-cell epitopes.


The first server for alignment-independent prediction of protective antigens of bacterial, viral and tumour origin. VaxiJen contains models derived by auto- and cross-covariance pre-processing of amino acids properties. The predictive ability of our models was tested by internal leave-one-out cross-validation on training sets and by external validation on test sets. The models showed remarkable stability, as tested by combinations of the positive set and five different negative sets. Thus, VaxiJen is a reliable and consistent tool for the prediction of protective antigens. It can be used singly or in combination with other bioinformatics tools used for reverse vaccinology.

GeVaDSs / Genetic Vaccine Decision Support system

Provides a platform for handle experimental results. GeVADSs is composed of modules that can be separated into two groups: (i) vaccine related modules, to process the biological data such as B-cell or t-cell module, and (ii) support modules, which manage data entry, report generation and data access such as quality control module. The application aims to improve development of novel vaccines by authorizing to analyze and compare data from different laboratories.