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IMPC / International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
Provides the biomedical community with a unified point of access to mutant mice and rich collection of related emerging and existing mouse phenotype data. IMPC mouse clinics worldwide follow rigorous highly structured and standardized protocols for the experimentation, collection and dissemination of data. Dedicated 'data wranglers' work with each phenotyping center to collate data and perform quality control of data. An automated statistical analysis pipeline has been developed to identify knockout strains with a significant change in the phenotype parameters. Annotation with biomedical ontologies allows biologists and clinicians to easily find mouse strains with phenotypic traits relevant to their research. Data integration with other resources will provide insights into mammalian gene function and human disease.
Zebrafish Database
Allows users to keep track of details regarding the various genomic features, zebrafish lines, zebrafish batches, and their respective locations. Zebrafish Database provides advanced searching and record management functions, as well as an integrated advanced calendar component. The Zebrafish Database functionality can be extended without advanced programming skills. This resource can be adapted to serve both single laboratories and facilities housing thousands of zebrafish lines.
PhIS / PhenoImageShare
Allows semantic discovery, phenotypic browsing and annotation of federated phenotypic images. PhIS contains about 117,900 images federated from four different data resources with 53,000 regions of interest (ROI) associated to anatomy or phenotype ontology term annotations. It supports the use of ontologies and builds on these to deliver good search experience and spatial reasoning. The database offers an annotation interface that allows users to semantically annotate an image.

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