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Big data is changing science today. Modern-day life science research has become something that is no longer done on a workbench, but on a laptop. The computational protocols that have replaced our pipettes and petri dishes are an ordered sequence of tools used by scientists to analyze data, extract the relevant information and visualize the results. Information on bioinformatic analyses can be found in the millions of scientific articles that have been published. omicX has developed a technology for mining these publications to extract the computational protocols so as to provide you with the most relevant protocol on demand in real-time.

Check out one of the demos below:

DNA sequencing

Identify the right bioinformatics protocols to get the most out of your data when analyzing DNA sequencing.


Protein structure analysis

Need to analyze protein structures? Use our panel of filters to play with or customize the proposed protocols.


Electron microscopy

View the best protocol for electron microscopy, extracted from an analysis of scientific publications.

DNA sequencing Protein structure analysis Electron microscopy