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Gives access to information on naturally occurring and engineered zinc finger proteins (ZFPs). ZifBASE is a web based platform independent, manually curated database that provides hyperlinks to the 3D structures for naturally occurring ZFPs, finger positions, number of fingers, physiochemical properties and all classes and framework with PubMed citations. The database’s interface provides simple, advanced, and sequence-based searches. It allows universal access to the database content and allows diverse queries sustaining many types of research utilizing zinc finger proteins.
SysZNF / the C2H2 zinc finger gene database
Gathers informations about C2H2-ZNF protein coding genes in human and mouse. SysZNF contains (i) arrangements of C2H2 gene information based on physical localization in the respective genome; (ii) downloadable and visual information on gene organization and protein domain composition; (iii) a starting point to search and examine ortholog and paralog relationships in different species and; (iv) direct links from a particular data set to other resources of the scientific community.
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